OP147 - Manifesting Light Within


Hello Son,

Manifesting Light Within

There is a greater need to stop a routine and contemplate within, and today is that day.

Your body is crying out for new energies to replace the trapped karma of years of memories. Sometimes when we are stuck with a thought and it keeps recurring in our mind; this is the direct result of hurt, frustration or jealousy.

These memories need to be understood and rid of immediately, so that you may progress on your path.

Try to meditate as much as possible and take a break from normal routinely days. Sometimes meeting people can have an enormous effect on your own personal energy levels. Whatever suits you inside then follow this through.

Reenergising and a rejuvenating of energies are taking place as long as you do not block these energies, by being negative.

Let these energies cleanse the whole body so that you may think clearly and give you a boost at the same time.

Say it is going to be a good day today, then believe in this affirmation. You will bring upon yourself positive vibrations that are needed at this time. The world is full of negative energies in some places and needs cleansing. You are all part of this cleansing; your universal energy around you will influence the surrounding.

As more and more people are cleansed a whole area or city will be cleansed as this energy clings on to those who are mostly positive and spreads very quickly. On occasions it sterilises the area and others.

Take the time to manifest energies within in your contemplations and meditations.

Your mother; use your time effectively and know that the Lord Creator is with you on this path.