OP146 - Every Effort and Deed is making a Difference


Hello Son,

Every Effort and Deed is making a Difference

Some may feel that their efforts in life are making no difference. But we must remind you that some things do take time for energies to come together and then harmonise according to one's intentions, for things to be fulfilled. Challenging life may be, but remember too you are the bigger picture in all of this.

Chaos may rule outside and around you, but it is the inner balance which holds the key in life. It is about harmonising the inner sanctuary of your mind to coincide with the connection of the higher aspect of you.

This does take some time, but the Creator is helping everyone in this conditioning. So be not hasty as everyone has a different personal energy field that once it is the right frequency then things can move faster for everyone.

Every effort you put in raising your own vibration will not go to a waste; in fact it helps to bring this balance and positivity back to life in your heart.

The good deeds and the help we give to others is a catalyst for opening up the heart. Together with careful choosing of words when we talk to others is another catalyst.

The Creator wishes all of mankind to wake up from their ignorance and see the world with a higher subconscious mind away from material desires. Only then mankind will be able to survive all the turmoil’s and challenges in life. This will help him to find his path.

Your mother; wisdom lies in the heart when it is open.