OP145 - The Demonic Veil


Hello Son,

The Demonic Veil

The dark entities and those that serve them have ruled this planet for thousands of years. Their strategy of keeping mankind from knowing the truth had served them well. They mislead, lied and altered records and data of the true history of the planet. Their agenda was simply to keep the population ignorant from truth and knowledge; whilst they themselves lived in utter luxury.

As more of mankind around the world wake up to the truth, as a direct result of the Creators decree, this veil is slowly being lifted. We are becoming wiser and beginning to see the truth on the media and in everything we read.

It is the very reason that there are still demonstrations on a daily basis which will continue well after 2012. They demand to know the truth and bring rights back to the people, which is a must for most.

Everyone can do their part by sending positive energies in your meditations around the world. By just visualising this we can actually make a major difference to so many people's lives. Many are still finding it a challenge to make a living.

Prayers are needed as the energies of this month will manifest and take time to have an impact. However, if a person is stressed then this will take longer for the mind to settle down. When we are in this condition, energies become blocked and we do not receive all the messages from our higher consciousness.

There is a need to unwind from the busy life we all lead and just have a moments rest to settle the mind down. By just taking advantage of natures gift of beauty, it will benefit most people.

By praising a plant we receive energy back in return; it is the very reason why gardeners are compelled to take to their plants, as they feel that they have an instant connection with them.

The veil of doubt is being lifted throughout the world and slowly the truth is coming out. Our eyes will see the truth and instantly connect with our higher consciousness.

Your mother; the impact of being in this world at this time is immense and the positive messages you give to each other will bring mankind back into the light.