OP144 - Learning is Infinite


Hello Son,

Learning is Infinite

The Creator is fair and he doesn't discriminate between races, religion and groups. He has made it clear to anyone who shows an interest in learning and who also has faith in Him. He Has always been our ultimate provider and carer over everyone’s lifetime. He continues to do so in this glorious year of mass awakening, which will continue throughout the years.

This is also the year of learning as He has decreed this upon everyone. The path of enlightenment is the same and so is man's capabilities. A decade ago it was an arduous task but not anymore. The Creator we remind you is sponsoring everyone and we have received a quicker path to learning, which we are forever grateful.

We remind you that joining a group who all share the same aim will make learning more enjoyable, this includes meditation. A collectively performed meditation amplifies the energies.

It is wise to carry this advice forward; it can also be done with your own families.

Learning opens the cells of the mind; it is also another type of awakening. Insight and instinct increases and then wisdom follows.

The knowledge of the Creator is infinite and through every dimension. Teachers are there waiting for you to connect with them.

The Creator has made it clear and has made your path easier to follow. He is willing to wipe all your sins away if you have faith and follow His advice.

Your Mother; may all your burdens and worries be forgotten and forgiven; let it be replaced with the light of love.