OP143 - A Steady Flow is Needed


Hello Son,

A Steady Flow is Needed

In this material world we constantly feel like a slave time to time. We consciously believe that we either have too much time or very little. The most important thing is that, we lose too much time on unnecessary things when it can be used wisely.

There are numerous examples we can give but time should be used to serve you. When we realise this the universal energies work and bow down to your own cause.

When we keep this in our minds, we should make every effort to change ones routine. This routine must be at a regular time and constant; so that energies will automatically manifest at exactly the time when you sit down to meditate for example.

This routine increases the flow of vibrations in the body, making it easy to use this energy by putting things into action.

Once the flow has started, keep the flow going; meaning do not stop meditating, reading, writing or contemplating in silence. Whatever suits you, do it regularly and constantly remind yourself that you too have a purpose in life. Hopefully you will find the purpose and the truth within you through the higher aspects of the soul and spirit.

No person can function with effectiveness by spending little time on something he wants to be a master off. It takes a little sweat and tears to achieve the spiritual heights. Nevertheless this is a fresh start the Creator is giving everyone, so join this flow and sit down with others who have taken the plunge.

Your mother; in the depth and corner of the mind is a hidden secret that only you can unlock to find its treasure. It only opens to your call.