OP142 - You have the Credentials


Hello Son,

You have the Credentials

It is time, to coincide with the new energy wave peaking at 7/7, so that you raise your own profile of yourselves and be counted.

We remind you again that you are here for a reason and that is to awaken yourselves to the truth vibrations. These energies are here to guide and open your heart, so that you may understand. This is not difficult and note that everyone awakens in different ways; no two are alike.

There is a great need for you to find the truth and connect to the Love of the purest vibration of the Creator. It is then understanding to its highest spiritual meaning to be understood. We can only experience things at a lower material state, so we do not understand fully what is happening around us and the world.

With limited understanding mankind will continuously be confused and ponder the events in his life.

We are here to guide you out of this confusion to the light and vibrations of the higher self of the soul. With the aid of spirit guidance and truth, it will be manifested in all of you.

You are all special, it is the very reason you are here at this time. So rise up for the challenge and change your routine to maximise the return.

Words are endless but time is short, so take the plunge.

You will realise immediately that the universe will bow down to your needs. It is then with your pure intention the right mind will function and come into play. It will then increase your capacity to think clearly; both the material and spiritual aspects of yourself will function.

You will find that an increase of activity within you and your mind. You will feel instantly different; and this is only the start. Then you can find your own learning interest, so vast is knowledge that we compare constantly as a drop in an ocean.

Your mother; you have all passed the test now it is time to follow the truth vibrational source.