OP140 - They Say It could Not be Done


Hello Son,

They Say It could Not be Done

The old paradigm of the material world was designed to suppress your higher abilities and to make you busy. They constantly reminded you that you are here to serve obediently to their calling.

You have come to see the lies between the words and news, that now you walk the other way to the truth.

They say it could not be done, that you would forever be ignorant to the truth and you would not inherit the wisdom of the past sages. But increasingly you awaken to seek further truth that has changed you completely; which you are forever thankful to the Creator.

You have proved so many people wrong that continuously pull you down to make you feel small, so that you would live in fear of them. But this is passing as a new paradigm is soon coming to pass that will demolish all things that was false.

So stand up tall and be confident in yourselves knowing that victory will soon be yours, as long as you walk with others who speak the truth.

Your mother; wisdom in a few words that can change your life to the good.