OP138 - Energies of Learning


Hello Son,

Energies of Learning

It is often through extreme hardship and circumstances that we learn the most. We become reflective and see things with a different perspective; as the mind goes overdrive looking for solutions to problems as they arise.

Oh Mankind these moments in your life were there for this era, so that you can awaken with a tolerance and patience to absorb the energies of the day.

The energies that are coming in this phase are going to make you tired for some, whilst others will feel no change. In your own personal predicament, it has left you very sluggish and tired. The symptoms had left you unable to concentrate in silence. These symptoms are the same and you know the feeling as it has happened to you.

However, this will pass leaving you clear headed and determined, if you use this energy positively.

We remind you that your paths are different to others dependent of your upbringing and your own personal goals. It is also dependent on how much time you put in.

For this reason people will awaken and learn at different rate of time. For some it could be immediate for others it could be classed as slow and built around material experiences.

The Creator knows what is best for you and what learning will best suit your circumstances. So it is not wise to compare with others but to learn from the knowledge they know.

Some will awaken purely to teach others and a particular theme; whilst others will only serve themselves. There are so many differentiation in learning and is also dependent on the need to learn and acquire knowledge on the planet.

When this increases, the Creator will provide a proportional amount of teachers for certain people. It is why we do not resonate with some people's work whilst with others there is a certain amount of excitement and buzz we feel inside.

There are no right or wrong, as your life is based around free will and how you want to learn the truth is your very own personal path.
As we enter a new enlightenment phase in 2012, the demands will increase by all of you; as more people will simply want to know. But we need to be patient and remind you of your own personal development of this path.

Your mother; there are moments of reflection when the mind connects with the higher consciousness to reveal the truth in silence.