OP137 - Manifesting Thoughts


Hello Son,

Manifesting Thoughts

Many are realising that life is the direct result of our own mental thoughts, dreams and aspirations. The deeper we think about something, believe it and then keep this thought inside our heads for a period of time; it then comes to manifest.

This process together with the action needed to make it happen is manifesting faster than you think.

As more and more people want direct action from authorities for change; it is actually happening. The first seed of thought came from you and it then began to manifest.

This new wave of energy will awaken thousands to the truth and they will automatically cause a ripple of fresh energies in the global ethers of the planet.

If we look at the news in detail from different sources, the change is happening because of your own direct intention for change.

But we have to thank the Creator for awakening our dormant mind and for leading us to the path, away from the material distractions. He wants all of us to succeed and is aware of all of your needs and wants. The Creator has never left you alone in this chaos but only wanted you to be strong for a period of time so that each energy around the cosmos can be manifested inside of you.

Through the sadness of our lives a beautiful flower is growing inside of you and it will send a scent around where you are; and everyone will notice this new fragrance. As this is the fragrance of truth and honesty, that will lead many to turn them away and onto the right track for there own personal development.

The cleansing period was necessary so that the old trapped memories of the past were rid inside of you to make room for new memories. When our minds are full with so many things there is no room to think clearly.

Forgiveness is an essential start to recovery and then we are able to think clearly and learn quickly too. See how your own perception and instinct of things around you has increased. It will keep on increasing for everyone who listens and sees the truth with the same eyes as the Lord.

Your mother; let the treasure inside of you spark new life into many thousands of people all around the world; let them see what you see in truth.