OP136 - New Energy Wave


Hello Son,

New Energy Wave

Some of you will feel tired as the new wave of energies will reach their peek on 7/7/7.

The energies will need time to manifest and be accustomed to the bodily changes. Be assured this will only last for a week at the most. However, for some it will be less.

Did we not say that the Creator is helping in your personal development?
It is the very reason a flood of energy is happening every month. This is to help you find the truth you are looking for and help you in your lives too.

It is the very reason why you were so tired and unable to channell. If this is happening to you then it is advisable that you take as much rest as possible until your are able to carry on with your normal routines.

For some it will be a mental strain and feel as though that all your energies have been drained out of you.

Remember it is revitalising the old energies and replacing them with the new wave.

Your mother; rest while you can; be assured support is everywhere to your cause.