OP135 - The Transition and Awakening


Hello Son,

The Transition and Awakening

If we look into the news all around the world the transition of awakening of mankind is taking place; and everyone’s awakening is different dependent upon their own focus and desire.

There is still cleansing of the mind and lives taking place as the old ways of living continue to disintegrate at a rapid speed. Nations upon nations are collapsing at an alarming rate as their greed laden philosophies are breaking down as people wake up to the truth.

The evidence is everywhere and many have caught on that something is happening to everyone that they too are unsure about.

There has been a sudden urge to do something as the energies are manifesting and igniting this passion within us all. For some there has been an incredible urge of energy and a positive outlook on life. Many people also have become less materialistic as they finally ignore the technologies that have left them away from themselves.

They have begun to realise spending quality time finding the truth, has meant a greater amount of peace for all around them. And still many people are beginning completely new lives than a year ago with their newly found wisdom.

It is an incredible year and the changes will still continue in rapid speed, but remember dear ones, peace can only be found within the silence of your mind; when the questioning stops and the chattering finishes.

You are all going through an important phase in your lives that will bring peace into the world. You are all the catalyst of this movement that will continue for some time, until deceit and corruption come to an end.

You have all felt inside that people are becoming simply nicer than before; it has become their own emotional change and awakenings are taking place.

Your mother; celebrate this great awakening of truth within yourselves and all around the world.