OP133 - Hopes and Aspiration


Hello Son,

Hopes and Aspiration

When we relax after all the jobs and chores have been completed, our mind becomes free. There is no stress or tension; the signals from the higher consciousness become easier to understand.

As soon as we become busy again, we seem to block these signals and messages: Unless in our business we learn to silence the thoughts when there is a need; so that advice and guidance can come immediately.

We all have hopes and aspirations for ourselves and our families; these can only be done successfully when we make the necessary mental and material changes in our lives.

Many still are unhappy about the changes and even the challenges in their own lives. My dear ones look for a solution from your own inner guidance and see what outcome comes from actions. There is no need to worry for the changes are happening; however find this inner peace we mentioned on numerous occasions. This is your heaven when there is turmoil or confusement in the mind.

Smile and smile again; as you are the master of yourself and say repeatedly it is going to be a beautiful day. Now let the energies of these words manifest inside of you and build and rejuvenate every cell.

Now go out onto the world and still carry out the things you want to do, but have God inside your mind to ask for support; for He is the giver from His bounty of abundance.

Oh dear ones to sit and wait for the event or events in your lives, is not the way. The action must come from you and let it be positive.

By just being positive and hopeful we absorb these peaceful and serene vibrations that make us too peaceful. In life this is what mankind has strived for all his life.

Your mother; be one with yourself and seek the things that your heart asks for then do the action; ask advice if need be. Remember you are loved and this will increase as the days and months go by. For you made the choice to be here.