OP132 - Unlock your Hidden Potential to Serve you


Hello Son,

Unlock your Hidden Potential to Serve you

Before any changes can be made internally, there must be changes to all who wish to follow the path; we mean an external change in your routines and strict timetables that you have all adopted.

Action speaks louder than words.

Sometimes these actions can be very subtle, producing new ideas and inspiration coming from your higher consciousness to do something. If this is not taken up then that energy will return back into the cosmos of ethers. In some occasions it does not return.

The window of opportunity is lost.

But do not be downhearted dear ones for new ideas and inspiration come when you want them to. By sitting in silence and coming up with ideas or evaluating your own situations can ignite the hidden spark back into operation.

Your Godself serves you.

Sometimes we forget that the inspirations and insights we receive all of a sudden is the direct action of you.

Yourselves have activated this.

If we learn how to activate this potential, then we can use this in our daily life. It is easier than you think as everyone in the planet has used this without knowing.

By listening when you ask a question, then keeping silent and letting your insight and intuition take over: You will find that you will have an urge to do something; carry this through to an action; then the benefit the reward, but do not give up when things do not come to plan. As experience will count a lot and it will also guide you through to fulfilment.

Your mother; let yourself guide you, through the chaos of the mind, to a point of silence where inspiration lies. Then listen wholeheartedly with a smile and know it is this energy which is here to serve you.