OP131 - The Sensation of Knowing what is Right


Hello Son, 

The Sensation of Knowing what is Right

Focus on the things that you do each and the actions you carryout through the ideas of your mind. Then listen and feel the effects it has on you, then ask yourself does this resonate to your own vibration; does it feel right inside?

These are the affects we must be alert to when we carry out on our daily lives.

To be alert to your own instinct and intuition is to walk on the higher path of wisdom. Do not doubt what you have learnt so far, for it is an immense start to a journey that millions of people failed to start for themselves; for they were the lost ones; who hailed life of the material world to the path of God.

Now listen and listen again to your inner voice that needs to be activated within yourself.

Listen to it now, listen and listen again. Do not doubt this voice for it needs to communicate with you now, so listen and keep listening.

In silence it will communicate with you, so listen and listen very carefully.

Others will say it is wrong to listen but the wise know its meaning and learning it can have. So listen and keep the faith and conduct wise when you tread carefully in your lives.

The sensation of knowing in upon you and let it guide you now.

Your mother; it is time you all meditate in silence and keep the routine going; there is no better way. You are all loved in the heart of God.