OP130 - Start again and Find Your Way


Hello Son,  

Start again and Find Your Way

When we use our third dimensional logic mind, a person will make mistakes. Do not be put off by this.

The more you will understand the wiser you will become. All of you have done so well in finding the truth and the path. The world is like a maze and we can constantly get lost from one path to the next.

There is no need to be worried, just start again, and accept your judgements as part of another journey to the right judgement. This may well be true for some of you, so do not be alarmed or upset when things do not go to plan.

Stay on the path, the path of the soul and the connection will come.

If you are not successful and this is how you feel; then start again a fresh. There is no shame in this, but do not give up when you have got here to the right place.

The Creator rewards those who are dedicated and those who have got up when they were down. The rewards are coming some of you can feel the benefits already.

Peace of mind is everyone’s quest in this world and it is soon upon us, be patient and let the Creator's plan come into effect.

Be patient and give thanks that he has included you into his plans.

Remember where you have come from; from the darkness of ignorance when you knew nothing. Look at you now see how much you have become so wiser. You have found the truth because God showed you where to look, even though you are all unaware of this.

Give thanks regularly and each day for he continues to guide you, whilst others still mock His name. They are still in the darkness of not knowing anything.

He guides who He pleases and elevates who He pleases. The Creator knows who is best and rewards them for the deeds in this world and beyond into the spiritual realms.

Be not be confused, it is only a sign for new ideas that are coming to fruition. Let the ideas manifest then soon you will understand.

Your mother; do not give up hope where He has not given up hope to all of mankind.