OP129 - Clear your Mind


Hello Son,  

Clear your Mind

A person can only do one job at a time. To do this successfully he must give 100% mental focus. We do accept that some have several jobs however to master them, greater time is needed.

This example is the same if you wish to walk the path of enlightenment. Time, dedication and effort are needed to succeed. This is no quick fix; the basic foundation is the same. That is to meditate and spend as much time as possible on yourself for your personal development.

Be clear in your minds. What is required of you is to let go the confusement and fear which harbours in your mind. Be positive and let the changes come to you.

If we continue to toil and argue inside our minds, then focussing will be challenging and the energies will not manifest. If you have prayed continuously for something to happen and are wondering why it has not manifested; this is because you are not able to focus on one thing; or it is not going to happen.

The Creator knows what is best for all of us. He has guided thousands of people to speak about the changes to come. Be positive and mentally prepare yourselves and let the Divine light manifest inside of you.

Guidance is everywhere, but are you looking in the right place? If it resonates inside your heart then you know it is for you; otherwise keeps searching and your efforts will not go in vain.

Remember your steps to the path are very important so keep your foundation firm.

Your mother; harmony inside of you, will ignite the spark to learning.