OP128 - There are Vibrations Stored in Everything


Hello Son,  

There are Vibrations Stored in Everything

If we could tune our frequencies then we could hear the voices of every living and non living thing.

For example, stored inside a rock is the memories of its experiences and knowledge of its surrounding; it can too, teach us if we learn to listen.

It is said that all around, wherever we look, everything is alive. It communicates, and has memory.

Like a seed it’s an order of the command from the Creator, its attributes of those commands are stored inside the cells of the plant. As it grows into a plant from a seedling, it absorbs the energies from nature to make it grow.

If we are able to tune into the plant it can tell us every part of its growth and what energies it had used to do this, from nature.

Even the walls in our rooms are alive with memories stored of everything we have done in that room. It is completely aware of every little whisper or an event, whether happy or sad, it knows.

When God creates anything, the energies are transferred from those commands and they never terminate or fade away. Because the Creator’s energies are like an everlasting source, endlessly serving mankind. Because they are from the infinite Creator, who is aware of all things, His creation is also aware.

We have given three examples, of a seed growing into a plant, a rock and the walls of our rooms. There is evidence of God’s vibrations stored inside of them and that they are aware of their surroundings.

This is the time through concentration and practice that we should try to listen to these wonders of nature like a small rock or even a little plant.

Even scientists are aware that talking to a plant makes it grow strong and happy as it listens to our tones from the frequencies of our voices.

Be aware of what we say and what we do. Have a good look at what is around you and simply admire the wonders that God has created.

Your mother; simply in awe, of the things that God has created; in the cosmos and beyond.