OP127 - Thinking Patterns


Hello Son,  

Thinking Patterns

In the fifth dimension thoughts will become instant. This is best interpreted as thoughts will become so refined and tuned that we will be able to use the laws of the universe to create our reality.

In this third dimension, our thinking patterns are polluted with other mixed and confused emotions from the population around the world. As the Creator’s energy is not wasted, thinking is part of His energy, which is housed in the atmosphere. When we are constantly confused and negative, we send ripples around the fabric of space which we cannot see with our naked eyes. This is like a vibration of disturbance, which collides and infiltrates the positive ripples. For example, if we pour a little mud into a clear glass of water, it will not be pure again. This is the same with conscious thought that pollutes the atmosphere.

Excitement is a positive energy, when it is followed up with expectation of something good happening to a person or an event. It fills the atmosphere with positive vibration and accelerates when others are excited too. A ripple that grows is the best way to describe this.

When we start to visualise something positive, we change the space and atmosphere around us.

Mankind in the fifth dimension is a reward, so practice using your minds and start visualising. Whatever you require it will be given and enriched with the love of the Creator. You have no idea how excited I am giving you this news. The only sadness is that I cannot be by your side when you will receive your reward.

The mind is a powerful tool, when used correctly it can give a person the right and nourishing pleasure the body needs. The body is crying out for change, so start changing your lives.

Your mother; revisiting your dreams and visualise to unlock the power of your mind.