OP125 - The Agreement with God


Hello Son,  

The Agreement with God

We remind mankind the agreement made to Adam by his Creator.

In the beginning the Creator gathered his creation in a line and asked for a volunteer spirit to live in the turbulent zone of planet Earth. Present were the spirits of the following creations; mountains, fire, plants, animals and man. All but man declined the offer.

The Creator laid out the plan to Adam on the condition that his spirit would be fully restored to its highest potential at a designated time. However, in the beginning Adam and his offspring would have to live in the lower vibrations until ascension.

The rest of the other creations would not take this enormous risk and regarded him as foolhardy. They all thought why would he volunteer and live in such a difficult and troublesome zone and be judged and risk all his offspring to such a hard life.

Adam was innocent and an excited soul and relished the challenge the Creator set out, in fact he was eager to go to Earth to face all its challenges. Adam also knew of the agreement and the implications that he and the rest of mankind would be elevated to a higher density vibration and rank, compared to the other creations including the aliens on other planets.

Firstly, he would live out Earth as a third density being and then during a designated time, the consciousness of man would increase.

The Creator through his mercy and kindness showed him visually, the agreement and what could be achieved as a prize for volunteering. This inspired him even more and he knew he made the right choice.

The other creations were thankful to themselves for not volunteering as they were too afraid of being judged by the Creator for the deeds and doings they carried out on planet Earth.

Due to Adams bravery, this agreement is going to be fulfilled and takes the accolade for taking up the challenge.

Your mother; reminding mankind, the heroic agreement, with the Creator and Adam.