OP124 - The Brilliance in Nature


Hello Son,  

The Brilliance in Nature

Seldom do we have time or even make time to ponder or meditate or think about nature, the food and other things, which we do naturally without thinking.

There is wisdom in our actions that we take for granted that needs to be discussed.

Firstly, we need to embrace nature as our teacher and helper in worldly affairs as it is everywhere. The trees feed us energy and work against the negativity we have inside. Go outside for a walk and ask to be healed as it will gladly respond to your request without question.

The sun shines and spreads its light all over the world. It is this light that the Creator’s attributes and power are inside to balance its protection.

Consider a simple question, drying clothes outside or in a dryer, which one is best?

When we dry our clothes inside the dryer, it is a contained environment that has no air or flowing light. Instead it is static energy and mixes with the energy with the other clothes. Yes the clothes are clean and smell nice, but compare the clothes that are dried outside in the sun?

There is no comparison as the sun shines on the clothes, its attributes and qualities are absorbed in them. Now smell them and feel its freshness and again there is no comparison. The clothes are now special as if you are them, you absorb this into your blood stream and into your cells to rejuvenate and revive your tired body.

When we go shopping and choose which fruits or salads to take home, consider this first?

Fast food is only temporary until you have time to make it yourselves. Do not make this as a habit and live on takeaways. Yes, you have plenty of time so stop saying that you don’t or the Creator will take time away from you. Say that you have plenty of time and the Creator will give you time and space to cook something at home.

When you cook, you automatically send the energy onto the food. If you are making something and you put your heart into it, it will always taste nice and pleasurable for anyone who is eating it. You will also receive praise and complements when the body absorbs the energy directed from those words.

Seeds or pulses that germinate contain the power, the energy of birth and creation inside of them. They are beneficial to eat and will be better than those that do not germinate. Consider eating them as part of a daily diet than convenience foods that is made from machines that do not have a soul.

Make time to make at least one main meal for the family each day, more, the better. Direct positive thoughts of love to the food and think about who you are making it for.

Our thoughts are powerful as they emit positive or negative ripples in the fabric of space. So be mindful of your thoughts and even in what you say.

Your mother; in contact, with the power and energy of nature.