OP123 - Working in Partnership


Hello Son,   

Working in Partnership

If we look at the social structure, mankind lives in groups; in the work place, family and friends. We cannot deny this and even religious groups within a group.

Learning spirituality is also another group, widely popular on the internet; sharing knowledge and guidance. We ask again that far too many are trying to do things by themselves when they should be sharing their experiences.

By doing so we promote the collective consciousness and cause further ripples in the cosmos structure of the planet, for others to absorb and carry on this wave.

There is another partnership which we need to establish and that is the higherself. Some have already started communicating with themselves and others with their spirit guides or angels.

If some of you experience their presence then it is time you start to communicate and establish a link. Remember they are there to serve and guide or direct you onto the spiritual path of dimensional knowledge.

Others have vivid dreams and seem to get their answers using this form of contact; if this is you then before you go to bed, ask a question and repeat it several times then sleep. The fourth dimensional realm of dreams will give you the answers for you to carry through the day. Dreams can be very confusing and often need interpretation.  Shazi will do this for you.

Any form of communication is a start for other links to be established at a later date. We remind you that this is the golden age of learning and enhancing your spiritual growth. So work in partnership, sharing knowledge amongst others.

The Creator is wishing you all a festive period during these holidays.

Your mother, in harmony and love, mankind will strive again to find their goal in life and beyond.