OP121 - Your Hidden Potential...

Hello Son,

Your Hidden Potential Waiting to be Activated

Most of you are totally unaware how much talent and creativity you possess inside; all of this is waiting for you to discover this.

We decide what our focus is, and then the inspiration comes next.

For example, when we were at school learning a subject. Even though everyone was learning the same subject; as soon as they left school, most went on to do a variety of jobs and occupation. But why is that, when you did all the same subjects together?

Yes, your are right, because of your own desire and focus on that occupation that circulated inside your mind. The universe laws provided you all the resources and needs to reach this goal.

The more determined and focused a person is the more success he makes. This is because the energies are stronger and work at a higher frequency.

When a person is more willing he never seems to tire, compared to someone who is doing it for the sake of someone else.

The energies lies in you and things can change at an instant depending on your focus and determination to succeed. This is the formula for success and the universe will bend down backwards to help you, as long as your own intentions are pure.

If you desire to change a career, then do not let others talk you out of it. But it is important that you think everything clearly, looking at all detail and circumstances. Never, pursue something that will make you worse off than before.

Most are dissatisfied with their life and need a change. Only you can make this change by doing something and making an action towards this new goal.

Never underestimate your own potential as we remind you that this is the year of change and multitude of energies flooding the planet to help you in any cause possible.

Let your Divine inner voice guide you otherwise ask someone.

Your mother; in the heart lies an energy that functions to your focus. It can be activated by anyone who is determined to succeed. You are that person.