OP160 - Harmony with your Godself


Hello Son,

Harmony with your Godself

Man can only achieve limited spiritual sight and a diluted happiness in life when his spiritual senses are not open. He will continue with some success and inspiration from time to time in his life; but without a connection and a link with the spirit he will never find the highest vibrations of love and happiness.

Mankind is ignorant to the fact that he without a higher connection has settled for a limited prize of the material world. He thinks that the things and lifestyle is a better reward than the link of the subconsciousness and beyond. The only reason he feels this way is because he has never witnessed or experienced the higher dimensions. Even though through his dreams; images of scenes from his journey of the soul are flashed in his mind.

He still admits to himself that they are only dreams and therefore not worthy of any meaning at all.

The Creator inspires every living person through a variety of ways from; dreams, images, meditation, messages and insight. He now has to stop and think and find out the meaning, once these messages are displayed in front of his eyes. But some still dismiss them as they are stuck into routines that stop productive thinking.

On occasions it can be stubbornness that will stop the vibrations and messages to the conscious. When this happens we only see a diluted scenes and voices which can be difficult to decipher.

Understanding comes when we negate the senses and admit that there is a higher source in the Creator that governs and rules the cosmos. By submitting to this and silencing the mind true inspiration from the Divine Godself can be heard. Only then we can achieve wisdom and happiness. Our life will improve immediately and peace of mind will be achieved immediately.

Your mother; the essence of learning is knowing when to stop and listen at the right time, and then acting upon the advice given. Routines have to be delayed and priorities need to be made to the cause. Only then learning can take place.