OP159 - Transformational Change


Hello Son,

Transformational Change

There is no doubt, and the evidence is all over the web, that there is a clear transformational change all over the galaxy and over mankind too. These changes are elevating the planets' ethers to a higher refined vibration, which negates the lower waves of ego.

Negativity is a powerful yet weak vibration to those who are positive and live life doing the right things. This includes doing good to others and being mindful to what we say.

The negative energy leads conscious mind into further confusion depending on the duration and period of being in this state. Psychotic and delusion often are cases and symptoms for prolonged suffers. This includes a high ego and stubbornness resulting in deep depression in later life. However every patient is different and we are only discussing those who follow the path by being negative and those who lack belief.

If we go back to the main theme of transformational changes; we can see that the evolutionary changes are happening to all of mankind. Even those who are negative and do not believe in the Lord Creator. God does not discriminate but is fair to all of His Creation.

But those who continue to deny His existence, their path will be filled with hurdles and consequences, only the Creator can give the finer details.

When a person decides that he wants to be a service to others and help mankind to find the true self and learn his origins; then the Creator sends messengers, guides and inspiration through his senses to make sure he finds what he wants.

His aid in learning is dependent upon his nature of learning and his dedication. Once during a period of time, the Creator gains His trust on that person then he accelerates his learning a tenfold; and a guide/teacher is appointed.

This transformational change is happening to you right now, so from your own timetable give further time to find the truth and the Divine light in your hearts.

Your mother; through sacrifice, man will always succeed.