OP155 - You are You


Hello Son,

You are You

The focus throughout the ages was you, to shine to your splendour. However, mankind was made to forget his own connection with his soul. So he concentrated on his life and built up his livelihood and his family.

He was left in the world to experience a lower vibration and the consequences from his actions.

As time went by he was further lost his way and the feelings for his Lord Creator. But there were a few whose hearts were filled with the love of the Creator and this did not diminish.

It is these few that carried the flame for all of mankind; and they were the Prophets, Saints and scholars who regularly reminded mankind of their past and the steps to find oneself.

Mankind is so precious, that the Lord sent so many messengers to help them find the path.

This continues to this day, and the help is increasing daily from all corners of the world.

You are you and are wise enough to see that a massive energy is raising all of mankind above the veil of negativity.

These are simple put powerful in meaning.

Absorb this energy and invite the light of God inside your heart. Believe in yourself and the change which is happening all around you. You are simply precious and deserve better than the world is giving you.

Know that you are changing and how you think is essential in this change. Rid the doubt and accept this truth and from others. Then see the wave of belief spread to every corner of the world. Let the change happen to your loved ones too, as you are the connection for them.

Your mother; bring light into your hearts that will multiply and fertilise the cells into action.