OP120 - The Need to Expand

Hello Son,

The Need to Expand

There is an innate desire to expand ones learning and to acquire further knowledge. We accept in our hearts that we do not know enough about the universe or ourselves. The voice in our heads constantly reminds us to seek out and read to find things out.

This is the message from the spirit feeding this information. It too has a task of being our teacher to provide all the necessary lessons to further the spiritual path of learning.

The language of the spirit is vast and articulate, however the language we use is not expressive and simply too diluted for the spirit.

The spirit has a desire to acquaint with the Divine Source and converse. The mind, body and soul are one complex, and what affects the mind also affects the body and the soul.

The soul as it is closer to the Source knows what is needed, and that is to expand the learning to increase the energies and vibrations of the body.

The dormant right brain is the key of spiritual learning and progress. When this fully awakens, learning speeds up. When this lies asleep then learning becomes slow and frustrating, we all know this feeling.

To help your own progress learn what your own personal guides are telling you. Listen to your own intuition and if it feels good inside then continue your journey.

Your mother; in the words are energies to expand your consciousness, all that is needed is your action.