OP119 - Creativity Increases

Hello Son,

Creativity Increases

When a person decides wholeheartedly that he wants to dedicate his life to the service of God and to develop himself spiritually; he without knowing invites the creative attributes of the Divine Creator.

He does not realise that his mental mind is changing and his right brain dedicated to creativity becomes awakened. Even the scientists say that the right side is where creativity takes place. This is also the spiritual part of the brain that slowly opens up depending upon our long term focus.

These last few years have seen an incredible rise of energies coming to the planet to help in the awakening of mankind. These in turn have many people to change their jobs and pursue other careers. Some have even taken up drawing and painting.

They have suddenly realised that they have discovered a hidden talent that they never knew about. Others have even started decorating pottery and other arts and crafts.

This is the direct result of the awakened right brain activity.

We do suggest that you do the same and be tolerant and through practice you will realise that you can be creative.

Not only this but others have decided to plan whole gardens and decorate their home, all of a sudden. There has been an increase of wanting to change their own surroundings including their home.

To see something new and rid of the old is a regular sign everywhere you look.

We suggest that you too spend time in being creative whatever you decide the Divine Lord will inspire you further.

Your mother; let the energies drive you further into the mind of the God self.