OP118 - The Grounding

Hello Son,

The Grounding

When an athlete prepares for a major race he spends a lot of time conditioning his body. He spends countless hours, weeks and month, so that it will give him the best chance in the actual race.

This basic grounding is essential to all athletes and it is the very reason so many of them are so successful.

If we adopt the same principles to our own development, mankind needs to learn the basic knowledge and etiquettes that will please the Creator. It is He who is going to sponsor us to go further in our quest.

We suggest we spend our time thinking through this and how we can better ourselves as an individual and to others.

The knowledge we learn will build upon our own experiences where we can think and develop our own ideas spiritually. It is no good learning and still have built up emotions that will stop our progress.

Emotions can stop progress and often does in our daily lives; but it is important that to go back to balance and maintain this throughout the day.

We commonly except that emotional energies govern our lives and even how we feel each day. If we remain calm the energies will flood into our hearts and ripple through the cosmos.

These channellings we have been giving you are to build this very foundation and a constant reminder to stay in this positive balance; so that you are able to move forward in your spiritual journey.

The world will often lead you away from your path, but be not concerned; as the wise are able to quickly come back to the path.

Your mother; recognise your own personal journey as a learning tool for better things to come.