OP117 - Roots of Love

Hello Son,

Roots of Love

When a person treasures an item or thing, he looks after it with great care. He will check on that item and even clean it regularly and from time to time admire it. This is a lower form of love we have all experienced in our lives.

In relationships, this is a higher form of love, our energies are heightened depending on how intimate the relationship is.

These examples are prevalent in everybody’s lives and in most people around the world. Even in friendship there is appreciation and respect. They are there for a purpose; a constant reminder to experience love in the material world.

For the deep thinker, he would say that love is an energy that has no boundaries and should be mutual and transparent, between both parties.

The spiritual person would say that this is an example to remind the love that the Creator has between all creations in every dimensional world. He has never discriminated between any race and gladly provided mankind with their needs and wisdom to strive for himself.

The roots of love in the material world go deeper and should be explored to find the spiritual significance. We also have to explain to ourselves why does the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body have such an effect, where all four the energies ripple through them.

Love is the primary force in all creation throughout the dimensions; it contains the highest form of manifested attributes of the Divine Lord God. There is no other force like it; it is the very reason why, when we fall in love we are willing to do anything for that person. It is why we commonly say that love is blind.

In passion a person is willing and dedicated to do something without over thinking the problem. If we approach our own development in this way; our energies will multiply rapidly and the Divine attributes of love will soon flood into our hearts for others to share around us.

When we look out into the world, we should do so without any kind of animosity, but with a smile; leaving our mind free and without prejudism. If a person is able to do this regularly in his life. Then he has understood the messages that the Creator wanted mankind to follow.

The path of spirituality lies firstly when we have understood our own experiences and mental emotions from our life. They are a building block that leads to further heightened vibrations when we communicate with our higherself and the Divine forces.

Your mother; understand that life is a journey that catapults man into a different dimensional thinking, as long as he as learnt and evaluated his own path. And has valued his experiences and thanked the Lord.