OP116 - Dimensional Journey

Hello Son,

Dimensional Journey

The body contains all the necessary needs to learn and most of all acquire knowledge. The Creator has designed the body to live out the experiences of our life and has left the mind with clues to find itself. This journey back to the source can be made when we recognise that we have all the necessary tools inside of us.

There is no need to look outwards but internally through meditation.

Through regular practice and spending adequate time raising our own vibration, this journey can be made quite easily.

Each chakra has an abundance of knowledge and is like a portal to another dimension. Even our heart contains vast amounts of knowledge that will not even compare itself to a library.

If we think about our own mind, and its ability to remember memories going back decades; where all this storage of information is housed, you may ask.

We even accept a cell houses information of part of a galaxy.

The body is like a special library, and each organ, cell and chakra holds vital information for the needs of the soul to complete its journey through all the dimensions.

With each dimension we discard the outer dress of the body to receive another one when we move through the higher realms. But we always keep the core and makeup of the identity within.

The soul is an incredible manifestation that houses the order of the words of God, and this is imbedded as an imprint, within itself.

Life in this material world is to help us to remember our journey back into the higher realms. The experiences we live out in our lives are but clues to push you along that path, if we only listen and see these clues.

There is not a day or second that goes by that the Lord does not give us help in this journey and each time he has been fair with everyone; as he gives inspiration to all of mankind who listen.

The spiritual path is the only path that can give all the answers of the hidden world. This lies within the form of a hidden chamber that leads to a portal that projects us the designated knowledge.

When we focus on this, the knowledge is revealed.

Each knowledge is intense light and is dependent upon how much a person can tolerate this light. So the Creator has started everyone at a lower frequency until the body gets accustomed to this and slowly moves ahead in its learning. Each time the intensity increases.

The Creator is wise and we must trust his judgement and what He teaches us.

The higher we go through the dimensions the more intensity the light increases. There is always a gap between these dimensional journeys so that the body can get use to the higher energies and vibrations.

Once the journey begins, the body chemistry changes accordingly to receive the knowledge and then the understanding quickly follows.

Your mother; it is time you all spent more time meditating within to unlock these secrets, which are for you all.