OP115 - The Soul has Many Answers

Hello Son,

The Soul has Many Answers

Once we have aligned ourselves to the higher path it is the soul which receives its own messages from the spirit, helping us in our quest in life. Without the soul we would be nothing and completely void of even a single emotion.

The spirit speaks the word of God to the soul and then to the higher consciousness. When we are tuned to this then a direct message and guidance can be received.

The quest for mankind is to establish contact so that you may understand the Mind of God and why you have been sent down in this lower vibration. Without us knowing these recurring questions, we will continue like a needle stuck on a record player.

By starting our life in the lower vibration mankind would have to raise their vibration and experience life to find the answers to their own existence. It has meant a lot of hardship during one's life and a continuous battle to stay focused on the path. This has not been easy as material values soon became our focus.

Gladly as more and more people wake up and see the world with a different pair of eyes, answers are easier to find compared to a decade ago.

The more we look inside, the tuning of ourselves will increase until the right frequency is achieved and communication will commence. Be patient and believe it will happen to you; but make your goals realistic in the beginning until a balance is made.

Your mother; your inner holds the treasure of your destiny and the path you should take.