OP114 - The Spiritual Path is Alignment

Hello Son,

The Spiritual Path is Alignment

When you raise your vibration to the higher frequencies; you actually align to the spiritual path. Automatically the subconscious becomes tuned and we start to communicate with our higher selves.

This alignment is dependent upon what connection that person has made. Nevertheless your spiritual senses all face the same way and the inspiration begins.

Inspiration as discussed in an earlier channelling is through a variety of ways; from dreams, images in the conscious mind to channelling.

A person also becomes highly receptive to the things around him and starts to pickup messages and signs from his material life.

The longer the person is tuned the more messages and advice through the higher consciousness he will receive.

You are now awake and the spiritual aspect of the right brain becomes active.

We suggest that in your spare time, as energies are increasing daily, that quiet contemplation or prayer is advisable.

When you align yourselves, you harmonise the mind, body and soul complex to oneness. You are now functioning and thinking at a higher spiritual vibration from the fourth/fifth vibrations.

Your mother; wisdom from the higher realms; will enrich and bring upon a calmness in your lives.