OP113 - Belief is Needed

Hello Son,

Belief is Needed

The more we believe, the more energies and light increases in our bodies; the darkness within becomes illuminated. When the opposite effect happens, we easily become confused and the chattering mind too loses its way of its wisdom.

Belief in what you do is essential for personal satisfaction of within your heart. Without this self praise, doubt anger and other negative emotions increase. Hatred then often follows for the things and people around us. We can find ourselves continuously moaning about things.

Settling ourselves down and not being over critical can start the body to relax and back into balance. We have often guided you to meditate when in this emotional state and we suggest you do so again.

When love is separated from the body the effect is totally negative. Distrust and anxiousness over a period of time increases; we finally lose hope and in some cases lose our belief.

Some events in life tests our faith and we question ourselves the reason of one's existence. This need not be if we settle ourselves down and work through each situation and give ourselves time to let the negative emotions to drain away from the body.

When we do this we accept the situation and the period of unsettling it gives us. Then we can come back into balance and the emotional heartache is gone from the mind.

There is no need to question your belief if you are reading these words; as your higherself has guided you here to learn and spiritually grow.

Your mother; let the light illuminate your concerns and replace this with belief and wisdom within.