OP112 - The Great Adventure

Hello Son,

The Great Adventure

Being in this world is a great blessing for the soul; as it is aware what is needed to learn and spiritually grow. It fully accepts the challenges over its life time and fully expresses itself through you.

It is aware of its target to ascend through all the realms of existence and perhaps reach a goal which finally connects its consciousness with God.

Seldom has it misguided you but we are totally unaware of this, so weak is our connection. However, this is changing.

The world is like a great adventure, as we strive out to fulfil our hearts desire. We accept this is not always true for others as the challenges of life can leave almost everyone confused at times.

With such heightened emotions our senses continue to grow at an alarming rate as seeing and understanding things become quicker than ever before. It is this very effect that at the current time some people are becoming sensitive and over emotional. In some cases angry as the emotions can have an instable effect.

It is wise to give time to anchor all these new energies so that they are accustomed to your body or mind. If at times you feel angry it is best to take time out and relax away from others.

These energies are making some people emotional and so need adequate time, depending on individuals, to settle and have an inspiring effect on you. However, we need to make sure that they are being directed in a positive way. Otherwise, they can be destructive when we are negative, as shown all around the world in demonstrations.

Harness the silence and let the energies within you to circulate and open the chakras. Be dedicated as usual and try to calm yourselves down when you feel out of emotional balance.

The secret lies within you and this is never going to change until you harness the knowledge within you.

Your mother; an increase in preparation of the body is needed to open the chakras and the wisdom within.