OP111 - Focusing is Light

Hello Son,

Focusing is Light

The challenge what some people are facing is having the time to meditate and focus. Without this we cannot centre ourselves regularly and take stock of our lives.

When we focus on anything we centre all our energies to one point, so that we can light the darkness of not knowing something. The more we focus and longer we stay in this position, the more the intensity and insight increases.

We underestimate what focusing can give to a person, as we seldom value sitting in silence contemplating and thinking on a subject, word or even a topic.

Even researching on a focus that has left us confused is beneficial to all as it rids the confusement of our minds.

Life is full of gaps in our lives that often do not make sense; this is the opportunity for us to find things out for ourselves. When we do this our minds expand, as knowledge awakens the mind and the darkness of ignorance.

If we regularly spend time learning and finding things out, our mind will keep on expanding. Things will slip into place and our own insight and understanding will increase.

The need is greater in this fast flowing world of built up emotions and the uncertainties in life.

Whatever suits you and that which is most comfortable for the time being you should practice. However, we suggest that you focus on a word, or something that you have read, and then listening to the response of your higher consciousness analysing the response.

Through regular practice you will find that you can work things out more quickly.

Your mother; when we move onto to the higher realms of existence we take all our skills, knowledge and experience with us.