OP110 - Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Connection

Hello Son,

Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Connection

When a person is relaxed, the physical body is also at peace and is free from any illnesses. His emotional being will be free from the stress and anxiety the material world can give. More importantly he is free to listen and take advice from his higher self, thus his spiritual connection is awakened.

This connection stays open as long as the person is free from his worldly desires and the focus is his silence.

As soon as he thinks of the world, his physical and emotional bodies become active. The chattering then will soon follow negating his spiritual silence and messages away from the consciousness.

Your needs are many and necessary so that you may move forward in your journey in life.

Life is an essential part of learning from the experiences and circumstances we face each day. This happens to everyone and is no stranger to anyone. It is the very reason that people come and go in our lives.

The creator has set out an ordained path for everyone and to help us adhere to this, people are part of our lives. They help us to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We can argue this case in our minds but when someone has left our friendship, it is for a reason. That reason is for you to grow further and experience other people so that your learning may continue.

We attract people because of our plan and journey of our life. The message is simple the soul needs to find his master and that is God.

When we experience something we build upon our identity making us strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is this strength that governs the messages we receive.

Often when people come into our lives it may be a reminder to be happy and enjoy life. It is the simple things in life which are important for the balance of the mental state. When we lose this balance the Creator sends signs and people to put us back into balance.

Yet the thought never occurs in our minds that the Creator is actually helping us. Instead we are constantly lost in our thoughts.

If we open our instincts and listen to all the signs in the physical and material world, we can pick up these messages wherever we look. Then we can come back into balance and peace.

Accept friendships and relationships from the heart, as they are part of an extension of you. They need you as much as you need them. Together learning and sharing experiences are part of your journey. They even may teach you something that needed reminding.

Your mother; through openness and humility the spiritual mind becomes open.