OP109 - Negating the Ego

Hello Son,

Negating the Ego

The ego is your identity it is also your personal protector. Everyone is familiar with their ego as we constantly think of ourselves and rights.

It is a Divine force and is part of the makeup of the mind body and soul complex.

The ego to function and be part of your spiritual path, its power must be diminished such that it does not conflict with the guidance from the higher consciousness.

When the ego becomes over balanced, we go through emotions of anger, resentment and begin to think of ourselves and ignore the demands of others. This imbalance clouds ones judgement as it conflict with the messages which inspire us each day.

Negating the ego is best described as negating the consciousness, the wakefulness and the thinking of the material world. In other words the ego is dominant when we go about our daily lives and play out the scenes of our life.

We must remember that the material senses are limited and play no role in our spiritual path and wisdom. When we sleep, the senses become inactive, and the spiritual senses awaken.

The Creator has a plan for everyone in the world and guides and inspires us from this ordained plan. However, if the ego is dominant where physical signs are that we become stubborn; then we resist against the ordained path.

It is important that we recognise this, as ego does indeed cloud our judgement and the path of enlightenment. Though again we must recognise that it is a protector of our rights and only needed when in trouble. Otherwise it is best left in its balanced state.

The spiritual path has no hindrances or is a burden, but our mental state often stops our progress. It is the constant chatter and battling with ones ego that confuses the messages and inspiration given by our Godself.

Meditation and sitting in silent contemplation, quietens the outside influences of the material world. When this happens our mental emotions become quiet and peace and harmony overtakes the mind.

Learning will now become easy as no emotion is becoming dominant which conflicts with the ordained path. We can finally listen to the messages that need to be listened to.

Your mother; recognise that we are master of oneself and the emotions are a part of you. In balance everything work together and in positivity the spiritual mind wakes up. Be at peace and let your mind multiply and expand.