OP108 - The Evolution of Your Consciousness

Hello Son,

The Evolution of Your Consciousness

We accept that our life’s experience is necessary for the growth of our personal self. Each experience has become a learning point to improve in our material destiny.

As we build up these experiences our lives have become easier at times and on occasions we had to move back a step to let the scenes play out their role, so that we can make sense of them.

As we become older and build an arsenal of experiences in our mind, we have shared this knowledge with others, and even inspired many people to do the same.

This life's journey is an evolution of the consciousness and thinking we rarely think about. As we grow our consciousness grows too.

The consciousness is learning through all the experiences and constantly updating and even rebooting, as we find our spiritual path.

The thoughts and ideas that ignite the inspiration is now part of your life; some are not even aware of this but you use it each day.

The sun shines brightly where ever you go, as the mind relaxes and soothes, comforting you from the material chaos.

You can see your vocabulary of learning increasing as you instinctly know what is going on. The spark has ignited and you know that there is a path that will lead you to whatever you seek.

Like a child coming from ignorance of darkness you have found the light. This instant brightness is the consciousness, subconsciousness and super consciousness all going through its evolutionary phase.

It is making sense and knowledge is becoming easier to understand as your mind is bigger than ever before.

Your journey continues and you know that it is the higher God self that is guiding you.

Your mother; your inspiration will guide thousands of people to start their own personal path of wisdom and awakening.