OP107 - Chaos to Oneness

Hello Son,

Chaos to Oneness

You are now beginning to understand the Divine self and use this in your daily lives. This is the higher consciousness and the mediator with the soul.

As messages and images are projected to your mind, you are finally beginning to make sense of what is going on. On occasions you can find things out for yourself through research; as you let yourself be open to inspirational guidance.

The images and pictures are increasing each day in your mind; as the silence is feeding you this information.

Your intuitive and psyche is increasing as you concentrate deeper and deeper in the depth of this silence.

Your thoughts from the chaos are moving closer the oneness that is required to connect to the Divine self. This oneness is pulling you in and you can feel this energy moving ever so closely to you.

The challenges and chaos seem less as the world plays out its scenes.

The more you meditate the more you open up to your heart and mind.

There are flashes of instant inspiration that takes your breath away and you realise that this needs to be shared with your loved ones.

The thoughts in your mind are now becoming clearer and clearer. You begin to listen to them more as you recognise that this is the truth that you have been waiting for years to connect to.

The passage of years of hard work in your life, seem less as the focus to improve takes over like a new challenge.

Each day you crave for the silence as you know it is the Love of the attributes and manifestations of the Lord God, your supreme guide.

You can relax now as you know that every path of each person is different and their experiences. You know the need is your own need and not of others.

The chaos is finally making sense and you know that this was necessary to inspire and push you to the right direction.

Your mother; you are loved and each inspiration is for you to share with others.