OP106 - Expression and Extension

Hello Son,

Expression and Extension

As you begin to understand yourself each day and come to terms with your own challenges. You will begin to realise that you are not alone in these challenges and the spiritual path.

Each day the struggles will seem less, and unimportant  as you prioritise the tasks that need to be done. There is a silence that grows each day; and this is your haven which you regularly go to.

Instinct, understanding and wisdom is filling your mind to make life comprehensible; as the jigsaw pieces begin to fit into place. There is confidence in your step and the doom and gloom you have read, you will understand as a necessary progress to mankind’s evolution.

You are the extension of the attributes of the manifestation of God. You are beginning to understand and some of you are able to use these attributes to further your own spiritual progress.

The silence is helping you to harmonise and minimise the chatter; you can now think clearly at times to make progress of yourself.

This is helping you to become more expressive and articulate, as you share this knowledge and wisdom with others. This calmness is gradually taking over the chaos of the world and you recognise that you can go to this silence whenever there is a need.

The noise of the world seems less even more as you tap into your newly found wisdom each day, to analyse the chaos. But there is no chaos, only ordered thoughts and answers.

This is the new you and you can look back and see the progress you have made over the years.

They think that you are not capable, but how wrong are they. The Creator, the God of all Divine attributes, knows the truth and He continues to share His wisdom with you.

Your mother; you have found the path and it is time to express in your daily lives what you have learnt through your actions.