OP105 - The Spoken Word

Hello Son,

The Spoken Word

Every word we utter and even write contains the energy and attributes of the Divine Creator. God has manifested His commands for mankind to use carefully.

We emphasise the word "carefully" because we know quite well a word said in anger can hurt a person. Everyone has regretted saying things to someone only to apologise later.

Words can also heal a person and heal the heart in serious cases. It soothes the mind and helps to heal rifts between families. Words are special and everyone has certain words in their minds which is the backbone and character of that person.

When we speak, we are careful and when we type we narrate these words to you; we are even more careful.

The Ascended Masters have wisdom and light to give to you all and are waiting for you so that you can communicate with us.

But nothing can compare the elation when the words of God are spoken and we communicate directly with him. This vibration elevates the individual to a higher level; and not everyone can reach this frequency. However, the Creator has given mankind this goal over the soul lifetime to achieve this aim. So we should not be despondent but accept that time will come.

The words we write each day, week and month are to help you to understand yourself and find the path of least resistant to your spiritual and higher self. These words are here to aid and even guide others. You are free to do so.

Nothing can compare when we say a word or a sentence that heals a person and he is able to look at the world with a different and brighter set of eyes as before; as it has given that person an instant boost to his moral.

The world around us needs healing in many shape and form, only you know what is needed. So be that person and start a healing wave that is so much needed right now.

Your mother; be at peace and share the love through the words that you choose to say to heal hearts all around the world. You are all truly special, like a shining star on a dark night for al mankind to see.