OP104 - Food on the Table

Hello Son,

Food on the Table

Oh mankind it is important for you to carry on with your daily working lives. This is your means for putting food on the table. Everyone still abides by the rules of the land wherever they live. This includes paying bills and feeding your families.
We have never advised anyone from leaving any job unless there is a better one waiting for you.

There is no need for making such drastic measures as we come closer to the end of the year.

There is no need to think of the event as a catastrophic event, when it will change mankinds living for ever.

Be at peace and continue with your routines and spend time developing oneself.

If the news is getting you down then switch off the television or internet and see something that makes you happy.

The Cabal has built the world around fear and it has always been the way for thousands of years. But everyone is a lot wiser as their insight has grown a multitude of times.

Make a pledge each day that it will be a good day; say it over and over again like a Tasbeeh or reading rosary beads. Then let the Creator take care of the rest; at the same time being tune to the surrounding to see signs that will give you wisdom and insight.

One should expect something in return, from your subconscious thought or signs from your daily lives.

We say it again be at peace, we know at times this can be challenging when so much is going on around you.

The world around you is changing and mankind is waking up from its slumber to see the truth from a different pair of eyes.

We suggest that you do not leave any jobs when you have not another one to go to.

Your mother; time is approaching when changes are necessary for the improvement of the planet and conscious mind.