OP103 - Protection and Guard

Hello Son,

Protection and Guard

When we live our life without the word of God or believing in the Almighty Lord, we run the risk without His protection. We are left in the mercy of life’s unpredictability.

Every time in life we are negative or choose a word that hurts people, again we run the risk without His protection.

When live in harmony with balance and make the right choices that make others happy, we have His protection and guard. Mankind needs to recognise that it is necessary to have His support in our life.

This is the path we need to tread carefully as we are then enveloped with the Creator’s protection force, which helps us to move even further in our quest for the truth.

Now we can experience different realities knowing that the Creator has given His protection and guard to do so. We have now gained His trust.

Your mother; to have the protection and guard of the Creator is to have his trust in every reality the soul experiences.