OP102 - The Path of Peace

Hello Son,

The Path of Peace

The next phase of your personal development is to follow the path that will give you peace in mind. This is necessary to avoid stress and confusement in your life. This could be done in several ways but the most important thing is that it must resonate to your liking.

Accepting every action, opinions and other peoples’ comment without getting to involved or emotional is necessary for peace of mind. As you have all matured spiritually, this request for tolerance should take little effort.

Once you have understood that peace is the start of a new life of combating personal emotions, then understanding and guidance will soon follow from your innerself.

This calmness is a higher vibration that leads to higher levels of understanding.

Once this becomes a habit new energy and other higher emotions, like love, will be manifesting in you.

Staying away from confrontation or even unnecessary gossip will help you balance your energies then move you into positivity. Harmony in thought and your life will replace the uncertainty which we all feel each day.

Now once you have begun to relax, an extra effort of doing something to raise your vibrations each day is necessary. This we have mentioned several times before like meditation.

Each day when we do this with discipline we actually connect to the spirit world and receive instant inspiration.

We need to understand that each day a person must take time out away from the material world. All religions have recommended prayer throughout the ages, recognising that a life away from a connection with the Creator and the Godself will make anyone life’s in chaos.

It is necessary to take the time to personal spiritual self. This is the path of peace.

Your mother; without the connection or time away from the material world; a person will not know his efforts have been fruitful.