OP101 - Let Wisdom Guide You

Hello Son,

Let Wisdom Guide You

There is little tension in the air as some are confused and even worried about the coming events. Be assured that everything will go to plan and there is no need to fear.

All along we have said that the most important jigsaw piece in this puzzle is you. Without all your presence nothing can happen and your energies are vital to harmonising the atmosphere and change.

Let not the distractions cause you to think otherwise; it is spiritual understanding that everyone seeks. Let your own wisdom guide you and give you the drive to do something positive.

If tension and stress overtakes you then your energy levels will be lowered and it will be challenging for you to understand the messages from your higher consciousness.

Be free and let events work out for themselves and for you to find the path that will lead to your own wisdom.

Yes we have said these words before but without this understanding and reminding you will lose yourself in the chaos of the material world we live in.

When we read we receive an instant explosion of ideas inside our mind and they are quickly followed by the mind analysing these thoughts. Inspiration comes quickly and it is important that you carry out an action to make true your ideas.

Your higher consciousness and Godself will support you in anything you do; so do not doubt your own potential. Once a connection is made and you are true to yourself and others, then the guidance will always be there.

There is no need to feel insecure as the Creator guides those who have adhered to the path. Your conscious mind lacks the wisdom to understand what is happening; but be assured the higher wisdom will guide you wherever is needed.

Your mother; be at peace and stay in the higher vibrations and with those who write the truth and help and guide others. Love will always find its way.