OP100 - Inclusion

Hello Son,

I am glad that you have come today again, it is vitally important for you to raise the vibrational energies around the body; and to take advantage of the new wave feeding the planet.
Try to change the routine for the rest of the week to maximise your potential. As you tap into your higher self again today, energies are flowing rapidly into the body.  
I will pick a topic today; Inclusion.
The Creator for the next phase of His plan is going to select all different types of races when the planet moves into the fifth dimension. Religion does not play any part of this process, but values and integrity does.  
The selection process, as I told you many years ago, is going to be based around how a person treated people in their life time. In other words it will be every ones judgement day. The process of selection has already been made. These people are awakening very quickly as they had values which is based around kindness for mankind.
The children born in the last twenty years, if they have not got themselves into trouble will automatically move into the next phase. However, only if they hold values based around kindness and speak courteously. There will be some generations who did not show any respect to each other or peers and so will be taken off the planet and moved somewhere for rehabilitation and reprogramming. But this could take some time, thousands of years in fact.
These people will all have one thing in common, besides values; the attribute of love will fill inside of them. Currently the people are waking to their full potential before the ascension process. They will be able to use the exciting new attributes to practice and perfect before moving to the fifth dimension. Only the Creator and a select few know the exact date, it is a closely guarded secret, but it is going to happen very soon, in the next couple of years.
Religion taught and reminded mankind of God and to show them how to treat each other fairly. The Bible mentions the Ten Commandments and the Quran is filled with rules of life, for example Surah Nisa.  
Religion was meant for all the people from every race to conduct themselves with manners and to apply them to everyday living in the world with values and love for every creation from God. But, we already know how mankind has treated each other.
It is going to be wonderful, as the future will be exciting when you are going to be given the trust from the Creator to actually use the attributes of God to make anything you want.
Your mother of trust and wisdom.