OP099 - Time and its Affect

Hello Son,

Time and its Affect
Time for a working person is extremely important in this world. There are 24 hours in a day and we have all worked out a sufficient routine around this.  
Earliest man through observation realised that there were more daylight hours during the summer months compared to the winter period. Then he noted the wet seasons and grew his crop accordingly. For him it was extremely important not to go hungry for himself and his family. As he understood the seasons and the light hours during the day, he worked around this routine, where he would go hunting as well. In other words it does not matter if it was centuries ago or now; we have this routine which revolves around time.
Modern day lifestyle has enslaved everyone on the planet. Man has gone too far when it comes to possessions. We are going through a cycle of spending and hoarding materialistic things, then dumping them; when we have finished and gotten fed up of them. This cycle is the same for every country in the world. To feed this cycle we work continuously around the clock, doing overtime if necessary. Worst of all when we do not have enough money, we borrow it from the banks and go back to this cycle.
The end of civilization as we know it is simple; we did not use our time given to us by the Creator productively enough. Instead we have forgotten where we have originated from and where we should be going.
Man was designed to stay in balance, if we go into any kind of extremes; the body goes into a trauma state. This unsettles the balance of the mind and leads to emotional imbalances. One example is constant worrying about something, an emotion that can go on for days/weeks and even months.
We are not using our time effectively if we constantly start worrying about something. Man without a connection with the Creator, would perish in minutes. But a man not believing in a God, would suffer the rest of his life in an emotional disaster that will eventually cripple him.
Time should be used for self development of oneself. Because by doing this we create a link with the higher self that purifies the body and its thoughts. It is like a tonic that revitalizes the cells of the body. It takes away the negativity and the desires of this world. If we think deeply these unnecessary things, do not give us pleasure that really make us happy. Instead it is short term enjoyment that kept us happy.  
A person should spend at least a quarter of his time a day to link with his soul and higher self, to seek true happiness and guidance. By making this connection we automatically leave the material world and teleport into the realms of purity of thoughts. These thoughts are not bound by time and space or polluted by negativity. They come from the source of pure refined light that guide man to the ultimate truth about himself and the Creator’s secrets.  
The events and time we have spent on this world was an experiment to find out if man can use the attributes he had been given to the best of his capabilities. To constructively seek out and find himself, without going into ruin and making his life miserable. It can be clearly seen that without true guidance, man strays away from the path of light and wisdom and quickly forgets where he has come from.
Time should be used to give us harmony and a balance state of mind.
Your mother who understands the wisdom of time and space.