OP098 - Maintaining the Flow

Hello Son,

Maintaining the Flow
Once a person has opened a tap, he is able to maintain a flow and use the amount of water needed. Spiritually speaking, when the cosmic light from the higher source has been switched on, a person should continue to keep it open. There is no waste of light; as light returns back to the source, completing a cycle.
However the difference between the physical example of, turning a tap and spiritual example of opening a channel to receive cosmic light is that there's no overflow or wastage.
Spiritual information can never be overbearing or a burden; as all higher dimensional knowledge, nourishes the body and even revitalizes each cell of the body. Physical examples only nourishes the body for a certain time period as any material form has a limited value and will soon decay.
Maintaining the flow is essential when the spiritual tap is open, even if the flow is flooding the body, a balance must be quickly maintained. This balance is necessary to equip the body for its next challenge in life. It is like building a staircase; we have to lay down the first couple of steps before we can build several at a time. When we say the building blocks of life, we use the basic understanding of needs or wants necessary for life’s existence. Similarly, the spiritual foundation, once it has been made it quickly makes further steps forward by the divine source guiding it.  
Light flooding down through the higher self, comes in the form of inspiration, guidance and stored energies for the future. It is an organized plan of events according to the requirements of that person's needs and wants. It is also a present from the Creator rewarding him for his intuitiveness and his ability to stop and think that there is a need to return back to the source. He has acquired the insight of KNOWING and the Laws associated with this.  
That belief will increase over time until there is a refined flow of light coming from the higher source that feeds every need. Spirituality is a never ending nourishing flow that awakens each and every cell of the body. It negates the use of the material body giving strength and stored energies to keep the physical body working healthily.  
Your mother; who maintains the flow of energies every second of every time.