OP096 - Inspirational Learning


Hello Son

Inspirational Learning

The knowledge of God is infinite and in every person he has planted a seed. This seed germinates during a lifetime of a person, dependent upon his focus and interest in learning.

A person can learn about any knowledge to make his life easy in this world. He can learn economics to mathematics; it is down to his focus. Inspiration is dependent upon a person’s focus of desire. He then may pursue this focus of interest through action.

This is the same for all of mankind as the Creator does not discriminate between nation, creed, religion or tribe.

There is no sin for man to pursue his ventures in this world and mass wealth for his family; however, if he has forgotten that it is the Lord of the Universe that provides for his daily means and needs, then he is a lesser person than a person who believes.

Inspiration comes in many forms and is down to the person on how well he is dedicated to his time. We remind you that instinct and know how is essential for the first steps of learning and doing something to better your lifestyles.

In fact the Creator wishes greater comforts for all, away from the stresses and worries of daily life. It is the free thinking away from the material daily grind of the day.

Oh mankind the Creator is sponsoring all who believe and listen to their inner self, through their heart, mind and higher consciousness. Who practice silent contemplation, and meditation, we name only a few.

Take the challenge and find yourself and the new path that leads to new riches of knowledge and further truths.

This is the path that mankind should tread and live and learn through material experiences.

Learn more of what people are writing about the new world and read these words carefully for they will ignite the spark, if you are free from prejudism.

What you do from now will inspire the ripple all around the world. So be a pioneer and make the plunge.

Your mother; listen and read the words from many tuned souls who have found the truth.