OP095 - People of the Book


Hello Son

People of the Book

Oh people of the book do not let your prayers and reading go to waste; recognise that there is more to learn then it is written. The Creator has knowledge that expands all universes beyond the eye can see and light years away.

It is not possible that the Holy Books contain everything that is needed to know; but only a fraction. These Holy words have guided you on how to live in this world; which you would give thanks to the Creator of all things.

They also give glimpses and reminder that there is a hidden world and other higher realms of existence.

Oh people of the Holy Books recognise that the spirit has no part in religion, but free and neutral. It is not tied down to one religion.

Recognise that the soul is the true identity of man and the spirit is the word and power of the soul. To understand this we have to step through a window and view the world with a different set of eyes without prejudism of other religions.

The soul has no ties with religions so this knowledge satisfies all the religions and beliefs in the world.

We remind you that the world was created by God and from his order of the word, ‘Be’ or ‘Kun’. This was the same for every being on the planet. If we analyse this simple statement then we can deduce that life and experiences we go through are the same for everyone. This has nothing to do with religion and the experiences are different but the outcome is the same, to find our spirit path and recognise our role in this world.

We have asked many questions on why we are born and again so has everyone on this planet. The collective consciousness is the same regardless of religion.

My dear precious believers recognise that the truth is the truth and is beyond religion. Recognise that the words of God are true regardless of what religion a person is.

God has never discriminated against religions or created wars between them; it was mankind who created differences against belief.

We are neutral in our words but God is in favour of all his creation, so listen and read these thousands of words we have written and take heed.
The spirit has a connection with the Divine God consciousness and in this domain inhabits knowledge that is for you. The Creator does not discriminate but invites all of you to learn and seek further your own spiritual path.

Learn from everyone you feel inside is right and it resonates with you, when you read their words.

This is an open invitation to all to learn through silent contemplation, meditation, lucid dreaming, dreaming and breathing. These are only a few where the Creator has inspired mankind.

If it resonates then it is for you.

Your mother; reminding mankind to unite and look beyond religion for further truths and recognise that the spirit and God is not biased towards any religion.

Be at peace and may the words of the Creator speak from themselves.